As a full-time freelance musician based in Jamaica, Chris’ professional musicianship has taken him all over the world. He is well known in Jamaica’s music industry as he has recorded and toured with a number of well-acclaimed reggae artists and has worked with many of Jamaica’s best hotels and villas to bring many weddings to life.

Imagine the sound of a live acoustic duo/trio played solo. Chris is a guitarist who incorporates, fingerstyle guitar and occasional percussive rhythms by tapping on the guitar’s body, to add a unique twist to those classic covers from all eras (from Bob Marley, the Beatles to Ed Sheeran).

With a Skilful solo guitar approach in performances, and years of experience, he leaves audiences craving for more. By using specialist equipment (no backing tracks) for some songs, Chris thickens the sound with a looping pedal. This, in addition to his fingerstyle approach,  gives the impression that there are more than one persons playing. The big bonus is, his setup is small and can fit into all venues, producing an intimate but robust sound.